According to what the Mavrommatis’ clients love and eat and drink every time they come, I would give them the following names:

  • Mister Ouzo
  • Missis Mediterranean Sandwich and a Glass of Goumenissa
  • Mister Two Glasses of Retsina
  • Mister Octopus and Dolmades
  • Missis Stuffed Aubergine
  • Future mom Mrs. Three Souvlaki with A Lot of Rice
  • me: Mrs. Vegetarian Cypriote Sandwich
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Talagani cheese

Ταλαγάνι. We’ve discovered talagani from Messenia, Peloponnese. It is very good, not so salty, elastic, edible with anything you might imagine (coffee, honey, for instance). A bit expensive: more than 14 euros for 1 kg; 3.40 euros for these 2 slices, or “fetas”, as the Greeks say). We bought it in Kritikos supermarket in Karystos in 2017; the next year, unfortunately, Kritikos did not have it any more.