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Tips and names

Monday, December 10, 2018.

Quite a quiet day, but 8,5 euros tips for me + 5 euros shared.

People ate mostly mezes.

Do I work with the best girls ever? Seems like… But today I’ve told them I want to quit this job. Not enough money, too much time and energy; post-doctoral thesis to finish this year.

One Greek girl whose name is Melina calls me all the time Μαυρη Καλλονη, after the series Black Beauty: I remind her the black horse of the movie (despite I’m blond), so silent I am. I am like a silent horse running across the desert or along the ocean coastline… Melina is perhaps the only human creature who grasped the essence of me without even knowing it. Another girl, Chloe, French one but born in Greece, calls me Lumière (“light”). I call her by the same name 🙂


My part-time job. Some un.useful thoughts

I come back to the Greeks again, with whom I work 4 hours a day as a waitress. This job shows me a brilliant practical example of how one should live his/her life if one’s eager to achieve some kind of success, if one doesn’t want to work for the Big Brother but rather for him/herself willing in this way to raise enough money for his (her) personal needs, dreams, Greece…

It is extremely difficult, but, in theory, possible. Difficult because even such a job as mine demands the maximum possible concentration, memory, and well considered logistics. There will be no success if your actions are chaotic, without any structure and logic. Concentration means no unuseful gestures, zero waste actions – a kind of work ecology. It is simple to understand: when you go for example downstairs (into the kitchen for some clean glasses or to the WC), don’t go there with your hands empty, take some dirty cups of coffee and plates. Otherwise, you will need to go down again.

This is not only work ecology and economy; same thing is applicable to our whole lives. But we are all humans, and chaos and waste of any kind are our alter ego and we rarely support too much concentration, we are rarely disconnected, we never focus on one and the only task for more than… 30 minutes? Our thoughts wander, we’re constantly torn apart by a myriad of things people demands expectations responsibilities etc., etc… All this exists at my job place too, but I learn how to manage it.

The only problem is to learn the same thing in my life, to manage my time, which is always so limited, so that I could do the maximum possible, with maximum concentration (ecology+economy) and feedback in the spheres which interest me personally and which are more important than me-the-waitress. I wish I could feel so exhausted working for myself, not for the Big Brother.

I wish you the same.