I am a polyglot with a doctoral diploma in philosophy. Now I am working on my Post-doctoral thesis on the Hippocratic skin in one of the établissements supérieurs of Paris. It seems like I’ve become what I am now partially in Greece. In Greece I learnt Modern Greek in the beginning of the 2000s.

Since recently, I’ve spent every summer in Greece, and every time I do my best to escape everything that is touristic. I prefer solitude, I listen to silence and try, when possible, to escape the noise of the crowds and of the cities. I choose places that are far from the arteries of the tourist flows. This has become possible due to my knowledge of the Greek language: I find apartments rented directly by the Greek owners whose online announcements address not the incoming audience but the autochthons first of all, the Greeks themselves. This means that the prices are substantially lower in such cases.

For this reason, this blog aims to propose you my search services. If you are planning a trip to Greece and looking for a rather isolated, quiet, “meditative” place to stay, I can find a studio, an apartment or a villa for you, in a small town, in a village or outside it. I am using only Greek sources and only in Greek language.

In other words, I propose an individualized search of accommodation in Greece according to your budget and preferences.

What are the steps?

  1. You contact me and describe your criteria of my search : location (area where you would like to go); period of stay; budget.
  2. I surf and search, and find several options.
  3. We discuss the options.
  4. I contact the owners.
  5. We book an apartment/villa.
  6. Upon your arrival to your Greek house, you transfer me funds for my search services.

How much?

The amount would be equal to 10% of the totality paid to the Greek house owner.


You rent a villa in Agia Marina village, Arcadia, Peloponnese, for 1000 euros per month. 1000 euros are paid directly to the villa’s owner Mr. Pavlos Papanikolaou, while 10% (= 100 euros) is kindly sent to me… Thanks for choosing me 🙂




P.S. To those, who prefer to have 100% straight and direct access to the possibility to look for an accomodation and to negociate prices with the owners, I propose Modern Greek private lessons online (Skype). Only in a few months you’ll tell the result!