My part-time job: still there

I cannot say that I am unhappy to work with and for the Greeks; with the clients, kids, women, men, pensioners; I am not unhappy to serve them fast food and long drinks; to take care of our cave à vin, to clean, etc. I work “like an animal”, as they say in French, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. In the morning and after my work, in the evening, I still have to work – over my thesis.

What I invest is not proportional to what I earn.

How much do you think? Don’t forget it’s Paris.

This was at the beginning:

13-30 September 2018 : around 500 euros + 30 euros tips

01-31 October 2018 : 469 euros + about 120 euros tips

I think that’s a kind of slavery and heavy exploitation.

Looking for other jobs… and 45818913_10217514823645037_2541292450660483072_odreaming of working for myself exclusively, like a blogger, a photographer, a traveler, a long-distance walker, a story-teller


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