Non classé

My part-time job

Meanwhile, I work at Mavrommatis Trocadéro. As a waitress. Who has to take care of about theoretically 36 people/18 tables simultaneously. I was hired 3-4 weeks ago. Some days are extremely hot hot hot, just because the weather in Paris is still sunny ))) and perhaps all the people are more hungry when the weather is wonderful…

Most of my colleagues are Greek, and we speak Greek, and it’s nice, I practice the language, I integrate into a new community, into a totally new sphere of life… I’m 40 years old in a few days, and it’s the first time that I try myself as a waitress… I seem to myself so fast over there, every day I do 5 kilometers around the tables and clients in 4 hours. Today I’ve run 7 km. Isn’t that a sign? Don’t I try too hard? Should I slow down? We were very few today, and I needed help… The Greek way, it’s the slow way. But we’re in Paris, man… There’s a collision. Running Greeks (forget ancient Olympia!)?! it’s not possible, it doesn’t work, so everything looks like a catastrophe. And it was a catastrophe today, but I am still laughing. The best way to cope with that, is the sense of humor.



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