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Palamari, Skyros

It was a windy day, a really windy day, because the meltemi season started… Even David Bowie could not imagine how wild was the wind that day in August.

As we headed for the Chora of Skyros, we passed a crossroad, where there was a sign “Archaeological site of Palamari”. So I asked Teo to come back, we have to visit this site on the noth-eastern part of the island, I read and saw a few days ago online there’s a beautiful παραλία, as for archaeology, I was not so sure we’d find anything there.

The road connecting the small civilized world of Skyros with Palamari is unsurfaced, the surroundings look like a deserted place with only few traces of human presence. However, Closer to the site, there are several houses, one of them renting rooms and selling μέλι, honey. 1 kg for 12 euros. The site itself consists of the prehistorical ruins and a small building for the visitors, where they can see some pictures and videos explaining who is who. The entry is free. There’s also a tiny “container” where the archaeologists (Greek ones) live.

It was difficult to stroll amidst the ruins: one could easily be gone with the wind, especially from the very edge of the rocky shore… How did those prehistoric people live here? The impression was strong: the sea looked like an enormous brilliant neverstopping river flowing towards the seashore, the sandy παραλία, where there was noone at the moment. Why don’t these huge waves attract surfers in this area?

We also did not take the risk to enter at least once into the flow…


Accomodation on Skyros: from 20 euros per night.


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